Scientists, mathematicians, engineers, sociologists, and anyone who works with sets of data often use numerical figures to represent ideas and findings. Communicating this data is essential to the investigation process and can influence the way professionals and the public interpret research in the social and scientific fields.

Data Viz Collaborative is a course that synthesizes processes of discovery from art, science, and engineering.

For the fourth consecutive year, students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and Northwestern University (NU) worked collaboratively to research, engage with design and experimental arts practice, and imagine creative approaches to information visualization.

This culminating exhibition at SAIC’s LeRoy Neiman Center features group projects embodying and transforming data from synthetic biology and the lived urban environment, asking the viewer how images can affect knowledge at the intersection of science and art.


Madison Davidson (SAIC)
Jennifer Delgado (NU)
Nia Easley (SAIC)
Brad Gallagher (SAIC)
Joanna Li (NU)
Claire Arlen Linn (SAIC)
Lexi Lu (NU)
Azusa Matsumoto (NU)
Dahye Ok (SAIC)
Samuel Park (SAIC)
Ross Pollock (SAIC)
Nikolas Punchard (NU)
Allison Sun (NU)
Morgan Walker (NU)
Grant Wang (SAIC)
Jennie Werner (NU)
Angela Xu (SAIC)
Snow Xu (SAIC)
Ann Yu (NU)
Jenna Boyles (MFA 2018), Teaching Assistant, Department of Art and Technology Studies, SAIC
Lindsey French, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Departments of Art and Technology Studies and Contemporary Practices, SAIC
Malcolm MacIver, Professor, Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Neurobiology, and Biomedical Engineering, NU
Marlena Novak, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Film, Video, New Media and Animation, SAIC
Jim Wicks, Clinical Associate Professor, Segal Design Institute at the McCormick School of Engineering, NU