An exploration of life.

Project Members

Dahye Ok

Visual Communication Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Studio (May 2018)

My obsession with typography drives my passion for design. I believe type has the potential to say more than the actual text itself, a way of speaking to someone in a way that the words cannot. I begin my work with ideas and research, adapting the appropriate media to best realize my vision. By exploring different art mediums, I believe my design practice will be richer for having been exposed to a wide range of creative experiences. I am always seeking opportunities that challenge myself as an artist – my people-oriented personality and problem solving nature led me to fall in love with design! In my free time I also enjoy doing photography.

Nikolas Punchard

Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor of Science (June 2018)

I have always considered myself a biologist pretending to be an engineer. My love for growth and the life that is created from it has lead me to engineering as a method through which I could better understand nature and the world around me. Whether it be plants, animals, cells, or people, I am always seeking to know more about the chemical, physical, and environmental mechanics and processes that culminate together to create that which we call life.

Grant Wang

Visual Communication Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Studio (May 2018)

Growing up in the Silicon Valley, my life has always been inundated with technology. As an artist, this has led me to be fascinated with how humans interact with technology and how this dialogue has impact society. This has led me to pursue a career path in user experience design, where I am able to ideate those interactions and build a better future through the application of design strategies.