Brad Gallagher, Jennie Werner

A master of Tai Chi, Rodrigo Trupp, is tracked in 3D space to visualize Tai Chi motion over time. Tracking only the hands, feet and head, the elegant trajectories of his motion without a body evoke the flowing state of the master.

Project Members

Brad Gallagher

BFAW (05/2019)

My artistic practice revolves around writing, coding and sound. From a young age, I have been interested in how simple rules give rise to complex behavior, how order arises from chaos and how systems with many interacting parts exhibit self-organization. As an artist I leverage these principles along with chance to create interactive, dynamic, and emergent content. Having a background in scientific visualization, the concept of a transfer function, how one space can be mapped into another, whether that be numbers to color/opacity, motion into sound or sound into text, is universally important to my process. By involving my work in the blending of separate inputs, I seek to explore conceptual blending abstractly, allowing the influence of chance and output from complex processes to temper the outcome. I reflect these practices back into my traditional writing, creating hybrid texts, machine generated works that I filter further, creating a feedback loop of influence amongst the mediums of my practice.

Jennie Werner

Computer Science
BS/MS (June 2018)

Jennie Werner is a senior studying computer science at Northwestern University. She does human-computer interaction research and loves her programming languages and systems classes. Her current research explores how to detect a user's situation and what new types of interactions would be possible with this technology. Outside of school, Jennie loves hiking, reading fiction, and eating cheese.