Current Issue – Fall 2016 / Spring 2017

Charles Esche, director of Van Abbemuseum, Netherlands
with Asha Veal Brisebois, Taykhoom Biviji
Charles Esche, Van Abbemuseum艺术馆馆长, Netherlands
译者:Jiayi Song
Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels, director at Jack Shainman Gallery, New York
with Beth Fiedorek
Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels, Jack Shainman 画廊总监, 纽约
译者:Chao Yan
Paul Mpagi Sepuya, artist, Los Angeles
with Jameson Paige
Paul Mpagi Sepuya, artista, Los Angeles
tradotto da: Alessia Petrolito
Juan A. Gaitán, director of Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City
with Raquel Iglesias
Juan A. Gaitán, director de Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, Ciudad de México
traducido por Libia Bianibi Lopez Mateos Cortes
Mpho Matsipa, architect and educator, Johannesburg
with Asha Veal Brisebois
Mpho Matsipa, architetto ed educatore, Johannesburg
tradotto da Alessia Petrolito
Victoria Bradford and Xinqi Tao, Neighborhood Dances, Chicago and Shanghai
with Baiqi Chen, Asha Veal Brisebois
维多利亚和陶心琪的邻里舞, 从芝加哥到上海
译者:Xinqi Tao 校对:Baiqi Chen
Pablo Helguera, artist and educator, New York
with Emily Owen
Pablo Helguera, artista y educador, Nueva York
traducido por Libia Bianibi Lopez Mateos Cortes
Charles Esche (part 2), director of Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands
with Taykhoom Biviji
Deborah Willis, artist and educator, New York
with Wisdom Baty
Deborah Willis, artista e educatore, New York
tradotto da: Fabiola Tosi
Simon Anderson, artist and educator, Chicago
with Courtney Cintron
Simon Anderson, artista y educador, Chicago
traducido por Ana Martinez
Prerana Reddy, director of Public Events at the Queens Museum of Art, New York
with Kimia Maleki, Emily Monasterio
پررانا ردی , مدیر برنامه های جانبی و اجتماعی موزه هنر کویینز در نیویورک
Kimia Maleki ترجمه شده توسط
Franklin Sirmans, director of the Pérez Art Museum, Miami
with Caitlin Deutsch and Xin Hu
Franklin Sirmans, the Pérez Art Museum艺术馆馆长, Miami
译者: Xin Hu
Kellie Jones, curator and historian, New York
with Wisdom Baty, Asha Veal Brisebois
Sanford Biggers, artist, New York
with Robert Smith III
Sanford Biggers, 艺术家,纽约
译者:Jiayi Song
Edra Soto, artist and co-director of The Franklin, Chicago
with Mev Luna
Edra Soto, artista y co-director de The Franklin, Chicago
traducido por Libia Bianibi Lopez Mateos Cortes
Sadie Woods, artist and curator, Chicago
with Courtney Cintron
Sadie Woods, artista e curador, Chicago
traduzido por Joana Zaidan
Nina Simon, executive director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz
with Emily Daura, Jiayi Song
Allison Glenn, independent curator, Chicago
with Ben Fuqua
Allison Glenn, curatrice indipendente, Chicago
tradotto da: Fabiola Tosi
Megha Ralapati, manager of the Jackman Goldwasser Residency at Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago
with Pia Singh
Mme Megha Ralapati, gérante le Jackman Goldwasser Residency au Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago
avec Pia Singh
Eric Kabera, filmmaker and founder and president of the Rwanda Cinema Center, Kigali
with Claire Frost
Sheetal Prajapati, assistant director of Learning and Artists Initiatives at MoMA, New York
with Lissette Martinez, Taykhoom Biviji
Sheetal Prajapati, la directora asistente de Aprendizaje e Iniciativas Artísticas en el MoMA, Nueva York
traducido por Lissette Martinez
Tao Wang, Pritzker Chair, Department of Asian Art, and Curator of Chinese Art at The Art Institute of Chicago
with Baiqi Chen, Jiayi Song, Yiqiong Flora Zhang
汪涛, 普利兹克主席,芝加哥艺术博物馆亚洲馆主任兼中国艺术策展人
译者:Baiqi Chen and Jiayi Song
Cheryl R. Riley, artist, New York and New Jersey
with Kelsey Dalton
Cheryl R. Riley, artista, New York and New Jersey
tradotto da Alessia Petrolito
Kim Robledo-Diga, deputy director of Education and Interpretation at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, New York
by Paulina Budzioch
Kim Robledo-Diga, director adjunto de Educación e Interpretación en el Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, New York
traducido por: Alberto M. Ramírez de Jurado Frias, Angélica Tapia Olarte, Emily Daura
MURAL International Festival of public art, Montreal
by Sarah Skaggs
Le Festival International d’art public «MURAL», Montreal
traduit par: Thomas Gagné, Emily Daura
Spotlight: Chicago Musicians
with Courtney Cintron
집중조명: 시카고의 뮤지션들
영어 번역
Betsy Sussler, editor-in-chief and co-founder of BOMB magazine, New York
with Caitlin Deutsch, Isabel A. Servantez
Betsy Sussler, editora en jefe y una de las cofundadoras de BOMB Magazine, Nueva York
traducido por Libia Bianibi Lopez Mateos Cortes
The Paradox of Practice and Purity
by Albert DeGenova
Gwendolyn Perry Davis, deputy director of development at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago
with Jacelyn Kee
She Said “Baby Elephants (and even skies and mountains too) Die Alone”
by Sama Waly
Lin Hwai-min, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and Social Movement in Taiwan
by Baiqi Chen
Lauren Deutsch, artist, Chicago
with Courtney Cintron
Mme Lauren Deutsch, artiste, Chicago
avec Courtney Cintron
Enora Robin, core team at Unlimited Productions, London
with Asha Veal Brisebois
Enora Robin, de Unlimited Productions, Londres
traducido por Veronica Sesana
A Scientific Artist
by Nan Zhong
The Unpleasant Conversation
by Nan Zhong
Building on the past: Profile of contemporary Chinese ink-wash painter Zhang Jin
by Jiayi Song
Practicing Networks: Arts Administration Production
by Claire Frost
Charlie Coffeen, musician, Chicago
with Courtney Cintron
Tiffany Hinton, of CumbiaSazo, Chicago
by Courtney Cintron
Richard Hunt and Faheem Majeed, artists, Chicago
with Asha Veal Brisebois
リチャード・ハント 亦 Faheem Majeed, 彫刻家, シカゴ
The Dharavi Biennale
by Emily Montasterio