​”It’s the culmination of two years of experimentation and research. The show is a great way to close my time at SAIC.”

– Jonathan Rockford

​”I’m so excited to be in conversation with so many amazing artworks.”

– Suzanne Gold

“I’m excited to see all of the labor and preparation done in my studio take shape in the gallery space.”

– Karen Nachtigall

“Before SAIC, I had a degree in commercial design. Though I’ve participated in art exhibitions in Korea, this is the first time that I’ve presented a work that is about my own history and identity. I’m really excited about the opportunity to present this piece and look forward to creating equally personal projects in the future.”

-Jiyun Jung

“I’m completely new to being involved in exhibitions because I have a background as an architect. At SAIC, I am doing architecture but within a more artistic context. I am able to think about materials in a more conceptual way. I am excited about being in the MFA Show because I view it as the first of many exhibition experiences. Instead of thinking about the MFA Show as an ending, I view it as the beginning of what is to come.”

– Ana Maria Valdes