Solomon Salim Moore is a visual artist whose work primarily focuses on the different ways fantasy becomes reality. Moore interprets English ballads, folktales, and myths through the act of placing himself, his friends, and others in these stories. Currently his practice comes from making paintings, drawings, monotypes, and sculptures.

Moore was born in Altadena, CA, which is located in the unincorporated foothills of Los Angeles. He received his BA in Art History from Reed College in 2011 and is a second year student in the Painting & Drawing Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He enjoys hiking in the mountains, cooking delicious meals, and sometimes he likes to garden.

Shawty Wanna Thug, 2018, Monoprint
Me As A Hunter Trespassing in the King's Forest, 2016, Oil on Canvas
Black Rivendell, 2017, Oil On Canvas
The White Hare of Howden, 2017, Oil On Canvas
Me As The Green Man, 2016, Oil On Canvas