Artist Statement
Resistance. The night of the American election, like so many other people, I had a horrible physical and psychological reaction. I was mildly, politically motivated before that, but that event motivated me to seriously consider how one can put resistance and reactions into her artwork to inspire change. I utilize my anxieties and aggression to get paint, pastel, acrylic, sometimes all at once, into the canvas or paper. They are created with a great deal of physical energy, including moving and painting large canvases on the floor; using large amounts of poured paint to make quick and provocative lines. My paintings and drawings are always abstract,  inviting you to have your own thoughts, and reactions and engage with others in conversation.  I investigate universal themes, e.g., hunger, war and gross losses in wildlife and the environment.  See the pretty colors? Look more closely,  spend more time. The subject may not be a comfortable one. I have questions about one’s internal world, emotions, and the complexities and contradictions in life. My paintings and drawings speak for me.

She retired from her profession as a psychologist/psychoanalyst in 2015. She always wanted to go to school for painting, but was told no, She had to have a real career So I had to wait until now I’m serious about my artwork and work in it full t Reading about art and working, I missed academia and applied and came to SAIC for the one year Post Baccalaureate Program This has been an amazing year emphacizing hard work, numerous seminars and visiting artists It is an amazing experience that I could never have imagined; I think I’m an artist now! I am from Manchester,Vermont and currently in Philadelphia I had the opportunity to travel the world in my thirties and those images and sensations experiences are always with me B After 35 years together,I got married in 2014 when it became LGBTQI to marry We live with our two Chow-chows


Be Afraid, oil on canvas, 36'' x 36''
Storm, oil on canvas, 42'' x 42''
Let’s Face It, oil on canvas, 12'' x 12''
So Blue Soft pastel, oil pastel on paper, 17'' x 12''
Happy Day, pastel on paper, 36'' X 26''
A Very Good Tree, 2018, oil on canvas, 36'' x 36''
Waterflow, 2018, 48'' x 48''
Here I Am, 2008, oil on canvas, 12'' x 12''
Wedding Day, 2018, paper with acrylic, chalk and oil, 68 x 36''