Artist Statement

We are living in a digital age where the speed information is fast and furious. Keeping pace with all the information can be stressful and destabilizing. It seems that the machines are winning the battle, while we humans are increasingly fragmented and many of us without “awareness”. However, I believe we have forgotten that we possess an evolutionarily advantageous tool bestowed by nature. This tool is the mind. When properly trained it can lead us to a more balanced life.

My artwork is a contemplative exercise for me. In it I use simple, concrete, geometric figures free of expressive narratives or symbolism, intentionally filled with mystery. For example by using velveteen like a monochromatic palette with contrasting tones, I accentuate a sense of order, while also creating movement. Using lines are another important technique, which are at once uncomplicated yet very powerful in their significance. The ultimate goal is to offer the viewer a moment of contemplation that could lead to a better knowledge to their deepest thoughts. My work sets a tone and the viewer does the rest.

One consequence of a this type of a highly developed, intellectually curios mind sitting in our heads, is that we don’t have control over where the thinking leads us. Ultimately, by employing the power of the mind I want to display something that no machine has in its capacity – the ability to practice mindfulness.


Freddy Ruiz is was born in Quito, Ecuador, he moved to Houston TX at an early age and now resides in Chicago IL. He is a mixed media, self-taught artist with a background in computer graphics and illustration. His work has been shown in Houston, TX in gallerias such Behuman gallery. While he was questioning aspects of the human condition, e.g., religious beliefs, philosophies and art, his love for art and thinking about complexities grew tremendously. He was drawn to create work that opens philosophical arguments about the mind, consciousness and the human brain. His artwork has been described as serious and profound and mysterious.

Drone1.0, charcoal and conte crayon on paper, 24'' x 30''
ERP 1.0 (Event related Potentials), acrylic and charcoal on wood panel, 30'' x 30''
ERP 2.0 (Event related Potentials), acrylic and charcoal on wood panel, 36'' x 36''
Ektar, hand dyed velvet on wood panel, 18'' x 24''
Go/Nogo task Gouache, charcoal and acrylic based pen, 18'' x 37''