Artist Statement

I work in an intuitive way, constructing by layers, intervening again and again the same piece: nothing is permanent. I like to work in the idea of adding and correcting.

Lines, framework and the rhythm of things are my tools of construction. The lines that wrap as a net and adapt perfectly to the movement, they collide, dissolve, they find each other and they take their own ways. Trying to get away from the quick, formulated reproductions of the same work, I am consciously giving the time and importance to every process, returning and treasuring craft as a cultural and social necessity of our time.

My work feeds on the historic reality, the place I occupy in this world of violence, injustice, fear and uncertainty. Painting and sculpting gives me the opportunity of living this search profoundly, because of its nature of closeness and malleability. The result is not as important as the making and what happens during this time: taking risks, playing and forming a more robust personal experience.


Irene Wassner is a Mexican artist born in 1991. She has a degree in Graphic Design from Universidad Iberoamericana, in Mexico City. She has being painting and drawing since childhood and has a background of dancing education. She worked with organizations such as Colectivo C and K’inal Antsetik (Chiapas), in projects of public art and support for communities in Mexico.

Untitled, from series Zona intervenida, 2018, mixed media on newspaper, 11.4'' x 6.4''
Presence, 2017, recycled cardboard and paper maché, 52'' x 23'' x 29''
Sigo caminando, 2017, recycled cardboard and paper maché, 72'' x 30'' x 13''
Untitled, from series Zona intervenida, 2018, mixed media on newspaper, 9.5'' x 5''
Page of sketchbook, 2018, collage and mixed media, 11.3'' x 8.3''