“ Jaye TC Cho was born in 1992 in Taiwan. In 2015, she received her BA in Political Science and Development Studies at the University of California, Berkeley and in 2018 she will complete her Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Cho has previously worked as a studio manager in Taipei and interned for Worth Ryder Art Gallery in Berkeley. ”  — Elisa Turner, LA-based Art Critic

“ Cho’s work oscillates between paintings, video, sculptural, and performative work dealing with themes of [personal & societal struggles], ephemerality, loss, and temporality. She currently lives and works between Los Angeles, Chicago, Tokyo, and Taoyuan and has exhibited her work in the U.S. and Russia. ” — Christine Turner, Chicago-based Artist

“ In another life Jaye Cho could be a Zen Buddhist monk. ”  — Christian Turner, American Urban Planner


Salute to Rick, Existentialist, Absurdist, and Nihilist, 2017, oil on canvas
A Good Painting, 2017, oil on canvas & notebook paper
Celebration of Personal Defects, 2017, oil pastels and ink on paper
Seven Months in the Art School, 2018, fountain pen ink on canvas
60 seconds of me, November 2017
A Year Since Then, December 2017