Artist Statement

Life is short (Vita brevis). Life span is short and most of our lifetime experiences are ephemeral, so I decided to explore within the genre of landscape the implications of that ephemerality. Being from the Caribbean, life has given me one of the most beautiful places to live in the world, but at the same time, one of the more challenging places to survive. My life, like anyone life, have taken generations to be the way it is right now. For me it is important to pursue the sense of awareness and acknowledgement of my life with all its possibilities and limitations. Those possibilities and limitation are explored within the context of being part of a something greater which transcends the limitations and possibilities of my body. From this perspective, I explore what is the meaning of life, what it is to be alive in the greater perspective that our planet gives us. Who am I?, that’s the question that takes a lifetime to answer. Life is not the exercise of conquering the world and reap its benefits… To live is to define itself as a wanderer, as a pilgrim who understands life and its stages as a process of liberation and enlightenment in the pursue of happiness within the ephemerality of our existence. For me, painting landscapes is to explore who am I with the awareness of the space of my existence and the ephemerality that it contains.


Born and raised in Puerto Rico. I have been interested in art, history, literature, spirituality and theology since childhood. In my life I have had the opportunity to explore my intellectual interests within different institutions in the Caribbean, Central America, the United States and Spain. I am very happy with my life experiences and the lessons I have learned in my works and travels.

Caribbean, oil on canvas, 58'' x 56''
Evanui, oil in canvas, 20'' x 16''
Saint Michael, distemper and encaustic on Masonite, 12'' x 18''