Artist Statement

I like to deal with everyday moments and thoughts, from the mundane to the eye-rollingly stupid, often in conversation with my body even when it is not present. I think about the naked female figure when she is alone, how she is seen, unseen and sees herself in the present, in pop culture and throughout art history. I am also interested in the intimate relationship we form with the objects that surround or are even imposed upon us throughout our life. I try to highlight this generationally prevalent satire and the ideas, clichés and realities of “who a woman is” with an undercurrent of humor, self-deprecation and critique.


Liza Jo Eilers was born in 1993 in St Paul, MN. She grew up and now lives and works in Chicago, IL. In 2015, Liza received her Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from the University of Notre Dame. She previously worked in NYC as an associate at a boutique, luxury retail and fashion consulting firm while painting on the side. In Spring 2018 she will complete her Post-Bacc Certificate in Painting and Drawing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Prostrate, 2017, watercolor on paper
Crapoter, 2017, oil on canvas
Self-portrait, 2018, oil on canvas
Lucky Girl, 2017, watercolor on paper
The Shit is Bananas, 2017, toilet, plunger, 87 lbs of bananas, toothpicks, paper, tape, sharpie