Artist Statement

The projects that I’ve worked on has been about social matters. I use conventional painting and drawing’s visual formality in order to propose my subject-matters. For instance, I use characteristics of flat planes and refrains in instrumental music or and representational drawings for subjects about gender discussions, oppression and masculinity.


Sahand Heshmati Afshar is Tehran based artist; born in 05/2/1990. He has BSc. in Pure Mathematics. He has started his career in 2016 as an artist. He had several group exhibition and solos in Tehran. He is intrested in socio-political subjects, history and (sub)culture.

Article in the Financial Tribune:

self-portrait, 2018, oil and acrylic on canvas, light stand
polygonal cylinder of one, 2018, etching on copper plate
John Wayne Gacy, 2018, engraving on acrylic, etching on copper plate, light stand, wire
weight of painting, 2018, weight scale, acrylic on canvas, aluminum and copper wire