Artist Statement

Experience and memory creates a visual package that affects the present. This moment cannot be mundane anymore, all phenomena get together to construct a bridge to a magical world. This composition is a metaphorical poet that points beyond itself and I paint to share these moments and feelings.


Shoora Majedian is an Iranian- Canadian Painter whose works depict the personal experiences that convey social paradoxes and reflect cultural conflicts.
Shoora was born in Tehran, Iran and she received her bachelor of fine arts degree in Painting and Drawing from Alzahra University of Tehran. Also she holds an MFA in Painting from Tehran University. She is currently studying Post-bacc in Painting and Drawing at SAIC. She has participated in many group national and international exhibitions such as “Deam within a Dream” at Toronto Gallery 50, “AOG” at Gladstone Hotel, “Veri Realism” in Siin Gallery, “Haft Negah Group Exhibition” in Pardis Mellat Gallery.

Do I need help?, 2017, oil on canvas
Dark in Light, 2017, oil on canvas
Purgatory, 2018, casein on paper
The leader, 2018, distemper on panel
The last sip, 2018, casein on paper