Programs + Events

Installation Workshop

Nov 20th 4:15-6pm

SITE Columbus Gallery

Interested in learning how to install your work in a gallery?
This hands-on workshop, led by SITE Galleries and Columbus Woodshop, focuses on pedestal building, basic media equipment and displaying

art objects.

Between the Real and Utopia

Mev Luna (Nov. 16–22)
Pointing to Between the Real and Utopia, performative panel discussion moderated by Mechtild Widrich and Máire Witt O’Neill. Curator Jameson Paige joined by all exhibiting artists
Nov. 16, 4:15–5:45PM, LeRoy Neiman Center

Daily Performances
12:30–1:30PM, SITE Gallery

Marcela Torres (Nov. 27–Dec. 2)
Daily Reenactments
12:30–1:00PM, SITE Gallery

Reenactment, performance
Nov. 29, 4:15–5:45PM, SITE Gallery

Michael Vincent Pusey (Nov. 27–Dec. 2)
Sounding Queer, Feeling Here, conversation with Ariel Zetina and Hijo Pródigo (Justin Ignatius Mitchell) moderated by Michael Vincent Pusey
Nov. 27, 4:15–5:45PM, MacLean Ballroom

abundance, performance
Nov. 29, 4:15–5:45PM, SITE Gallery

Michelle Murphy (Dec. 4–9)
A Smooth and Striated Practice, conversation with Wisdom Baty and Michelle Murphy
Dec. 6, 4:15–5:45PM, SITE Gallery

⊖ (Dec. 11–15)
Exciting Futures Between the Real and Utopia and How to Achieve Them, with ⊖ Directors Willy Smart and Misael Soto
Dec. 15, 4:15–6:00PM, LeRoy Neiman Center