SITE Columbus, 280 S. Columbus, Chicago IL
February 15 to March 9

Opening reception | Thurs | Feb 14 | 4:15pm

Homecoming brings together artists Carolina Velez Muñiz (BFA, 2019), Tieg Harte (BFA, 2019), Caroline Lee Liu (BFA, 2019), and Jeremy Marcelino Sublewski (BFA, 2019). Their multidisciplinary practices look at the home as a site for personal collecting, display, and quotidian use. A home is built slowly

and diligently by holding onto the objects
we accumulate over time. Weaving together individual dialogues with the everyday, the artists propose a welcoming space that blurs the lines between the vernacular object and art object, and between the gallery and the home.

*Image from Teig Harte, Shit’s Weak, 2018