Work at SITE Galleries!

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About SITE Galleries

SITE Galleries is a student-run organization dedicated to the exhibition of student-made artwork, and functions as a hub for individuals from every part of the institution to converge around ambitious development of artistic, conceptual, and professional practices. The SITE team is lead by 5 student directors who work closely with artists, gallery assistants, professional staff, and the wider SAIC community to select and facilitate 10 exhibitions each school year. SITE exists to reflect, interrogate, and elaborate the myriad aesthetic, social, and philosophical concerns of the SAIC student body as a platform for meaningful exchange.


Open positions

Core Leadership Staff: 15 hours per week, $12/hr

  • Installation Director
  • Administration Director
  • Marketing and Communications Director
  • Programming Director


Support Staff, 10 hours per week, must be work study eligible, $11/hr

  • Archivist
  • Lead Gallery Assistant
  • Lead Installation Assistant
  • Programming and Performance Assistant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Gallery Assistant



All student staff must be enrolled as full-time student for AY 2018/2019, and remain in good standing during the term of employment. Students applying for support staff positions must be work study eligible.


About the jobs

The SITE Directors form and implement the vision for the SITE Galleries exhibition season. They direct the process for determining the exhibition proposals selected.The 5 SITE Directors form the Core Leadership team the recruits and manages all other Gallery student staff. Through these efforts, the Directors build the culture of the organization and have an influential role as representatives of the student voice to the SAIC community.


Desirable candidates will prioritize the needs of the gallery and will bring an eagerness and curiosity to the practice of exhibition-making overall, as well as to the development of SITE as an organization. These roles require a considerable amount of time, consistent attention, and sensitivity to many competing needs.


Installation Directors work alongside artists to organize and implement the installation and deinstallation of each show. These roles maintain the artwork’s needs and artist’s intentions at the center of exhibition plans and communicate developments in a timely manner to the SITE team. For this, Install Directors design display systems, anticipate logistical concerns, and maintain gallery spaces.


The Administrative Director facilitates fruitful relationships between SITE and exhibiting artists, as well as beneficial experiences for our team members. As the main point of contact for the galleries this Director maintains an awareness of each role’s needs and deadlines to ensure positive collaborations and internal efficiency.


The Programming Director sets the tone of the conversations that SITE has with the SAIC community and external stakeholders through events and other public activities. This role is responsible for creating partnerships and finding opportunities to expand the reach of conversations that stem from our exhibition calendar.


The Marketing & Communications Director implements strategies to advance SITE’s on-campus presence and the visibility of its exhibitions and programming. The role maintains a cohesive brand identity across all design and text materials and is in charge of all steps in the production schedule of SITE’s materials.


Time commitment for SITE Directors

All gallery functions and decisions are led by the 5 SITE Gallery Directors. Given the ambitious nature of each exhibition season, and the responsibilities that come with highly visible galleries with the SAIC community, we are looking for students that can make a significant time commitment to the organization. It is suggested that this work be their primary non-academic commitment.


Directors work an average of 15 hours per week each semester.

  • Outside the scope of the academic calendar, Directors will attend training, planning, and installation/deinstallation as assigned.

Mandatory Training

    • May 16 -18, 10am – 6pm

Summer Break Requirements

    • Retreat: July 13, 10am – 4pm
    • TEST SITE:  July 16 – August 30 (8 -15 hours/week)

Winter Break Requirements

    • Winter Planning and Installation: January 15 – 30 (8 -15 hours/week)


  • During the semester Directors will schedule a minimum of 15 hours per week to be present in the SITE offices, galleries and shops with some flexibility for the allocation of hours from week to week for the implementation of exhibitions and programming.
  • At least 7 hours per week should fall during gallery hours. Each Director will host 2 hours per week of “open hours” that are advertised to the SAIC community.
  • Directors will attend weekly production meetings.
  • Directors will attend project launch meetings and gallery assistant orientations for every Exhibition, and must attend at least 2 opening receptions and programming events per semester.
  • Directors will attend Proposal Review and all finalist studio visits each semester.



About Support Staff positions

The Archivist works closely with the SITE Directors to maintain the SUGs archive and to collect documentation and ephemera from recent exhibitions for the continuation of the archive.


Lead Gallery Assistant, Lead Installation Assistant, Programming and Performance Assistant, Graphic Designer, Gallery Assistant positions are required to work at least one shift in the gallery per week during the school year. These positions require work study eligibility. Support Staff are assigned tasks and managed by the SITE Gallery Directors to assist in the daily operations of the gallery.


Questions? Want to learn more?

Come to the Work at SITE Galleries Informational Session Tuesday, March 27th at 4:15pm, McClean Building, 112 S. Michigan, Room 707.