Dear You

by Iggy Choi

It has been months since he had received word from her. As he collects his books and steps outside, the mailman approaches with a letter in hand. He drops his bag and rips open the envelope, as tears of joy spring into his eyes.

The society we live in now has shunned the importance of writing a letter. Many of us even forget what our own handwriting looks like. Communicating in our own unique writing carries a much more personal touch than typing electronically. The purpose of this project is to serve as a reminder of the importance of the handwritten letter. Using paper porcelain, the Dear you tray carries the poetic quality of paper and the metaphor of writing letters.

Iggy Choi

BFA Ceramics + Designed Objects, 2012

Iggy has been working with clay since 2003. Most of his work is about the functionality and the beauty of the line. He tries to design and make art that has meaning. Iggy strongly believes that there is no limitation with clay. Iggy has many hobbies such as: Kendo, fishing, playing the saxophone, cooking, photography, and growing plants. Through these activities Iggy gets his ideas and concepts. Inspiration is all around him.