by Tyler Yager

10:38am, Wednesday
I watch her gingerly fingering the handle on her cup of tea while looking down at the day’s newspaper. She appears deep in thought, perplexed, glancing at the paper and then into the distance. Her nostrils flare as she brings the cedar object, nestled between her middle and forefinger, to her nose. A slight smile creeps in. Eyes widening, she returns her gaze to her paper, bringing the object down to meet the surface and scribbling in delight.

Manifestations of tangible sensation are an essential part of the human experience. The Dent pencil explores our primal desire for soothing haptic response and fulfills our need for tactile gratification. In a world of ever increasing stresses, these CNC milled writing instruments encourage compulsive satisfaction through simple, meditative, and repetitive acts like snapping one of the pencils out of it’s frame and twirling it between your finger.

Tyler Yager

Master of Design in Designed Objects, 2012

Tyler Yager looks to understand the objects within our lives that embrace the very essence of humanity. His pursuit incorporates the sensations of tangibility with visual satisfaction and an endeavor to unravel the fundamental nature of our behavior. He received his BFA in Industrial Design from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Tyler’s interests also include architecture, commercial design, natural and physical sciences, and the eternal pursuit of intellectually stimulating experiences.