Oro Dulce (Sweet Gold) Molinillo

by Martha Valencia


Xocolatl, sweet gold of Oaxaca A luxury drink for the emperors and Tlatuanis Toasted cacao ground with spices and sugar Added to shimmering water and dissolved by the roots of a wooden molinillo. A Molinillo made by Oaxaca’n hands A Molinillo creating waves and movement A Molinillo dancing in the chocolate water Chocolate water flowing through the holes and rings Bubbles forming on the surface of the sweet gold

An update on the traditional Mexican molinillo (a hot chocolate frothing tool) inspired by Maximiliano and Carlota, the 19th-century governors of Milan who later became Mexican emperors. Their Chapultepec Castle was styled like a Milanese Palazzo, Oro Dulce returns some of their Mexican heritage to Milan for Salone.

l6 cm D x 36 cm H Hand-carved wood, woven textile loop, foil envelope, printed card.

Photos by Jonathan Allen.

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Martha Valencia

Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio, 2016

Martha Valencia is a designer and photographer interested in the relationship between these two disciplines. She photographs objects, designed sets, and ephemeral objects such as chemically treated metals. She also manipulates images to create objects inspired by her photographs. Valencia was born in Mexico City and studied at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. At SAIC she is concentrating her studies in design and photography. Valencia participated in Hyper Threads/Workshop presented by Zaha Hadid Architects, and she has worked as a photography assistant and producer at renowned photographer Ignacio Urquiza’s studio in Mexico City.