Solar Sonnet

by Alice Gong

Cloche Bell Jar

One moment all is consistently the same.
Next, there manifests a change.
Cast under the sun, wavelengths reflect.
Within the layers, heat collects.
Experiments of wonder, or maybe fright.
What finite powers are in our right?
Unanimous curiosity about light,
To capture changes out of sight.

Inspired by Augustin Mouchot’s solar powered experiments, this set of nesting glass cloches with color changing netting is intended to capture one’s curiosity about solar to thermal conversion.

Small: 12 cm D x 16 cm H | Medium: 15 cm D x 19 cm H | Large: 18 cm D x 22 cm H
Borosilicate lab glass, thermochromic plastic netting

Photos by Jonathan Allen.

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Alice Gong

Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio, 2016

Alice Gong uncovers new ways of meaningful making within contemporary design, art, craft, and technology. Informed by the evolving dynamics between analog, mechanical, and automated processes, her objects are often in dialogue with design history, especially the diffusion of material culture. She is the production winner of the 2015 Kikkerland Design Project, a finalist in the Franz Award Porcelain Design Competition, and an ObjectLab Scholar from the Chipstone Foundation. Current projects include researching Indian craft revival as empowerment and tackling the theme of water for the Biodesign Challenge launched by Biofabricate.