by Ying Cui

Coat Rack

Back and front Left and right You and me We grew up on opposite ends of the earth But now we are connected in a line Before, we were different Now, we are one

Inspired by the coexistence of the Chinese and British in Hong Kong in 1866, as exemplified by the double-sided 1866 coin which presented Queen Victoria’s head on the front and a Chinese symbol on the reverse, the Yi-Rack coat rack elegantly integrates the different approaches to clothes hanging in British and Chinese culture.

64 cm L x 36 cm W x 178 cm H Patinated Steel

Photos by Jonathan Allen.

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Ying Cui

Master of Design in Designed Objects, 2017

Ying Cui is a product designer with experience in furniture, package, and interaction design. She regularly combines materials to derive multi-functional and playful products that integrate aspects of art and design. Cui holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design from Shanghai Donghua University and her previous works focused on using combination structures to realize functional and durable industrial products.