Aqua Fluctus

by Kaan Tombaz
Aqua Fluctus

I enjoy being in the center of big crowds
I get excited but I am pretty good at staying still
When hands accidentally touch me while picking things up
I feel a nice sensation
It reminds me that I am alive.

An elegant display tray used for serving guests food and drinks in casual or exclusive gatherings.  Inspired by aquaducts which bring water into cities from distant water sources while mesmerizing us with their construction.

35" x 9" x 8", glass and bronze

Kaan Tombaz

Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2017

Kaan Tombaz focuses on designing objects that are valuable to the user and have a long life span . In Turkish culture, being a good host is a noble quality. Kaan consistently asks of his work: “is this design good enough to be used for guests?”. Kaan uses durable, high quality materials and pure forms to give his designs an enduring character. He mainly designs furniture and home accessories.