by Irem Mimaroglu

Through you:
I extend,
and I contract.
I shine,
and I rust.
I start,
and I break off.
I land,
and I take off.
I am malleable like bronze,
and reflective like a mirror.
You drift with me,
and shape my form.
I am only a reflection of you
If you look at me;
Will come through eternity.

Pauseis a tabletop mirror that is derived by the question what would time look like if it was an object? Inspired by Henry Austin Dobson's “ Time goes you say? Ah, no! alas, time stays we go”, to stop the stream for a moment and cause a Pause.

8" x 2" x 3", multicolored patinated bronze with polished mirror

Irem Mimaroglu

Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2017

Irem Mimaroglu is a designer who applies design research and problem solving techniques to her artistic inspirations. She creates objects that engender an intimate relationship with their users in order to capture moments of pause and reflection in life’s ceaseless rush. Many of life’s most fascinating moments go unnoticed. Research coupled with design thinking helps Mimaroglu to analyze those insights. She seeks to create objects that expose narrative through form and material. Beyond mere function, her interactive and dynamic objects revive the sense of mindfulness in the overlooked moments of daily life. Her work makes the every mundane moment into something to be cherished.