by Angela Huang

Line up the tubes in a single line,
Knock down a couple, randomly.
Attach the invisible string through the holes,
and blow and blow and blow.
Echo, echo, echo.
Then, fire puts you in the center of the storm.

A candelabra branches out from an organic element into a modular system, using its weight and counterbalance to create a visual fluidity. Rhizome is inspired by the pattern of branches forming in an orderly complex nature

13" x 8" x 10", cast bronze

Angela Huang

Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2017

Angela Huang is an artistic explorer in the realm of design. Interested in the emotional experience, she immerses people in a specific designed scenario to narrate a future vision based on social and cultural changes. Her objects in that context might ask you to change identity or lure you to transfer feelings from people to objects. Neither dystopian nor utopian, the work asks the viewer to interact with objects and position themselves in the situation.