Mother’s Milk

by Zoe Liao

From primitive barbarism to exquisitely delicious feasts, the history of food is also the history of human civilization. Historically, a mammalian animal’s first eating experience is drinking milk from its mother. While our relationship to food–and how it is consumed–in the contemporary context is linked to larger issues of class, economy, and culture, the instinctual act of nursing transcends social hierarchies. Mother’s Milk is a set of flasks that formally and functionally reference udders–a visual link to primal beginnings.

Materials: Cast Glass


Zoe Liao

Zoe Liao is an object designer who is committed to evoking a philosophical stance through experience. Her practice involves humans, objects, time and realities.

Her influences include Sigmund Freud and Martin Heidegger who develop and extend her understanding of humanity and the meaning behind the object in a conceptual way. She likes to raise questions about today’s society by creating alternative realities. Objects, as the things that surround us always play an important role in her alternative realities by showing multiple functions. She believes what should matter in designing an object is whether or not it is true, not whether it looks “good”.