From left to right
Was It Only a Kiss?, Digital print on chiffon fabric. 2017
Which kisses are innocent? When does a kiss become infatuated? How are kisses shared or kept secret?

If you really Love me so much, come and embrace me now, Poster paint on napkins. 2016

Queer, Archival pigment print with text. 2018
"Vision is abstract, touch is figurative.
The Female and the Almost.
Or eye, a sense of space,
as a specter on a coffin (and falls in the same way).
Discontinuous: Not in continuity with something else.
Is it a name, a brand, a person, an identity?
A play on words?
A way to regain lost intimacy?
Lost intimacy is akin to being animalistic.

The sea, then, has played the role of the female.
Love and life appear to be separate,
not in touch.
Lost space, seeking the womb,
temporarily destroying self.
The rain is soon raised up again.
We move blindly through modes of delirium.
Much of me against you, digesting the power within.
What do I expose?
What do I unlock?"

Breathe, Archival pigment print. 2018