Devendorf draws, filters, and re-configures the substance of the world into his designs to create novel perceptions of seemingly familiar things. His work blends the spatial sensibilities of architecture with the intimacy of human scale objects. He is interested in the spaces we inhabit, the objects we place in them, and how we interact with these objects. Along with design, Mathew has a passion for drawing comics that push the boundaries of sequential art. Mathew holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Compound Objects

The contemporary domestic space is rigid and bland. Societal norms and consumer culture have tamed and reduced the idiosyncrasies of personal living spaces to something devoid of life. The household has become a composition of rational thought, contradictory to the nature of life.

Compound Objects reframes domestic space to be viewed and used in a more intuitive, less rational way. Familiar domestic forms are appropriated and manipulated to create new manifestations of furniture. These forms are blended together into compound objects. The original intentions of these forms are masked, opening up possibilities for projecting new use value.

The objects are designed to have no fixed orientation and can be flipped to stand on a different side by a single person. This lack of a true ‘up,’ ‘down,’ ‘left,’ or ‘right‘ allows for different perceptions and reconsideration of a form which has stayed constant.

The maple wood construction and milk paint finish anchor the objects to the realm of the household. The milk paint covers and unifies the surface, presenting the blended entities as one single form.