Andrea Hunt (b. 1994 Chicago, USA) is an architect-in-training departing from conventional modes of representation in architecture. Through a variety of media, she experiments alternative approaches to design and their narratives as an ongoing investigation of space as a set of systems, activities, and commodities.

Artist Statement

Towering over Warsaw is a figure of a transformative epoch, a vision of a lost utopia, and a foundation of culture. The megastructure – a past caricature of Josef Stalin’s overreaching grasp – has become a place-less object in today’s neoliberal Warsaw, constantly beseeching the hostile memory of socialism but excusing itself through a mask of promises. Nevertheless, it is the centerpiece of the city – visible from every corner, present in every image, and attached to the ideology of Warsaw.

The artifact presented interrogates the value, position, and influence of this disputed and divisive monument, dubbed the Palace of Culture and Science, and re-gifts its productive agency through an ontological empowerment of its cultural symptoms. By diffusing the Palace’s silhouette, ownership is given back to the true communal cores.

Digital Collage, 2019: On Phallus
Digital Collage, 2019: On Heavy Weight History
Digital Collage, 2018: Introduction to the Palace of Culture and Science