Terike Haapoja

Entropy, 2004
Single-channel video installation
25:00 mins

Concerned with empathy and intimacy with non-human others, Haapoja’s portrait of a horse is a far cry from the pompous representations of equines in the tradition of western classical art. Enmeshed in histories of aristocratic lineages and purity of the breed, horses in art have always been idealized and stereotyped as powerful extensions of the human body. Using thermosensitive cameras, Haapoja captures the invisible cooling of a horse’s body after death—the warmest areas appear red and orange while the cooling parts turn into shades of blue. This chromatic range applies to human bodies as well as the bodies of most other living beings, thus foregrounding an overlooked interspecies commonality. Imbued with a subtle spirituality, Entropy is an intimate and poignant reflection on how we might value all animal life and recognize its importance.

Courtesy of the artist.