Still Life Study 1 Still life charcoal drawing. We were assigned to pick a piece based off of a photograph we could find on the Art Institute's website.
    Pink, I'll Call Her (Sarah) Acrylic paint color study. Assignment focusing on how acrylic paint mixes, and how color application can be applied to a piece without the use of a form or subject. Done on Canson Mixed Media paper.
    R's Day - Page 7 Panel 7 of a 9 panel slice of life comic. R falls off the Funko Pop shelf at Hot Topic, and is patched up by his friend. The reader finds out R and J have history.
    R's Day - Pages 2 & 3 Panels 2 and 3 of a 9 panel slice of life comic. R's mother calls him while he prepares for his day. She is nervous about COVID-19.