Cheetah Striped- Knit Coat Chalk Pastel Fashion Illustration- Part of 10 Piece Collection
    Photoshop Print: Combining Classic Patterns from 70's London and 50's United Sates Print Designed From Layering Different Patterns to Create a Grungy Take on a Classic 50's Stripe
    Muslin Draping Practicing Draping on a Dress Form to Create Volume
    Mood Board- Merging The 70's Punk Aesthetic with 50's Preppy I combined extreme external assumptions of what it means to be "dirty/rebellious" vs. "clean/preppy" and compared it to each group's internal values. To be rebellious is to be expressive and likely internally clean/happy. To be preppy is to conform to rules and likely internally dirty/creatively repressed. The collection is titled "Neutrals," the two groups combined are neither positive nor negative and can be considered neutral both externally and internally.