Former Grantees

Voice Your Project: Highlighting Enrichment Fund Grantees

Spring 2022

Gabriela Trinidad Perez – ¿Mami, a dónde nos vamos ahora?

Kat Cua – Halo-halo

Marielle Mervau – Pass Along Projects: A Cooperative Apartment Gallery

Spring 2021

Misha Neal & Justice Henderson – Meet Me Where I Am

Fall 2021

Heather Burich – Collections in Catastrophe: A Study of Disaster Preparedness in New Orleans Art Institutions

Tatyana Scott – Deconstructing Bowie: Freedom in Eccentricity

Spring 2020

Nicha Poolpol (MAAAP ‘21) Funds for Nicha Radio FM 23.1

Mariela Acuna (MAAAP ‘21) Funds to attend the 2020 Convenings of the Alliance of Artists Communities

Francisca Rudolph (Dual ‘21) Funds to obtain Creative Commons Certification

Maura Connors (Dual ‘22) Funds for Prompt: An Artist Dinner Series in Collaboration with CNL Projects

Fall 2019

Gabriel Chalfin-Piney (MAAAP ‘20) Funds to create artist book Is There Art After Death?: An overview of Legacy and Estate Planning for artists

Spring 2019

Joseph Losinksi – Performative Topographies Workshop Series

Joseph Lefthand, Vero Orozco, & Caroline KNg (MAAAP ’19) Funds to support trip to Performative Topologies Workshop Series

Allie Beck (MAAAP ’19) Funds to attend Journey to Imagining Tomorrow

Francisca Rudolph (Dual ’21) Funds to attend Immersive Pedagogy Symposium

Daniel Jimenez Quiroz (MAAAP ’20) UNFRAMED FUTURES

Fall 2018

Emily Crum (Dual ’20) Funds to complete Visit to the Cleveland Museum of Arts- ArtLens Gallery

Nicky Ni (Dual ’19) – “Re: A Two-Volume Exhibition Series”

Hayley Blackstone (Dual ’21) Funds to attend Visual Resources Association 2019 Annual Conference

Emily Breidenbach (MAAAP ’18) – Collective Terrain Digital Arts Publication (

Spring 2018

Egon Schiele (Dual ’20) From Clare to Here 

Madison Claire Potter (MAAAP ’18) Funds to attend Christie’s Graduate Training Program Assessment Day

Kaity O’Reilly (MAAAP ’19) Funds to attend Open Engagement Conference, NY

Libia Bianibi (MAAAP ’18) Making as Research: Unraveling Mexican Cultural Policy on Artisanal Craft 

Urooj Shakeel (MAAAP ’19) Binding Identity

Yuting He (MAAAP ’19) Outdoor Sandwiches

Fall 2017

Lindsey Bell (Dual ’19) & Celina Wu (Dual ’19) Repost

Shannon Hebert Waldman (Dual ’20) Touch and Tooling: A Social and Cultural Perspective on Ceramics, presents at the annual College of Art Association Conference in Los Angeles, CA

Wisdom Baty (MAAAP ’18) Ways We Make: Workshop and Exhibition Project Proposal

Carlos Salazar-Lermont (Dual ’19) Trip to attend the exhibit Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985


Paulina Budzioch (MAAAP ‘17) Digital Engagement in NY Museums

Asha Brisebois (MAAAP ‘17) The Tokyo Show: Black is Beautiful

Caitlin Deutsch, Paulina Budzioch and Kelsey Dalton McClellan – Heat, Light, Water Project

Jameson Page (Dual ‘18) Love Triangle

Minghui Huang (MAAAP ‘17) Hello Strangers

Spring 2015

Emily Owen (MAAAP ’16) schema: artistic directions of the administrator

Kimia Maleki (MAAAP ‘16) Survey of Dubai Art Galleries

Matt Mehlan (MAAAP ‘16) Artist Pool

Spring 2014

Alexia Casanova (MAAAP ’15) Thesis Research in Mexico City 

Jennie Crichlow (MAAAP ’15) Tent: Museums in New York City

Beatrice Schmider (MAAAP ’15) FLAT Space in Chicago

Spring 2013

Jeanelle Chang (MAAAP ’13) Re:Developed – Participation in Games + Learning + Society

Samantha Stevick (MAAAP ’13) Topic-Specific Roadside Museums: A Financial, Operational, and Cultural Analysis

Catalina Acosta-Carrizosa (Dual ’15), Cassandra Carpenter (Dual ’15), Jennifer Groot (MAAAP ’14), Rachel Kaplan (MAAAP ’14), Alyssa Larkin (MAAAP ’14), Stephanie Lentz (MAAAP ’14), Annie McNair (MAAAP ’14), Gretchen Reyes (MAAAP ’14) The Gary Vision Project: Phase One

Fall 2012

Gan Uyeda (Dual ’14) He Mau Koa Kākou Mau a Mau (We Are Warriors Forever) Exhibition Catalogue

Renee Mikon (MAAAP ’13) The Detroit-Berlin Connection: An International Study Trip

Spring 2012

Jennifer Mefford (MAAAP ’12) Space & Expectation: A Curatorial Project at Grace Exhibition Space Brooklyn

Bonnie O’Donoghue (MAAAP ’12) Thesis Research and Professional Development in Hong Kong

Anna Festa (MAAAP ’12) South Africa Speak: Louder than a Bomb

Fall 2011

Karen Patterson (MAAAP ’12) The things that matter: Ray Yoshida Home Collection

Alex Aubry (MAAAP ’13) Independent Field Study trip to Bahrain: Arab World Culture Capital

Spring 2011

Laura Bickford (Dual ’13) Leroy Person: The Media is the Message

Brandi Kulakowski (Dual ’12) Time Machine Biennial, D-0 ARK Underground

Penny Duff (MAAAP ’12) Printing Materials. Jessica Howel

Fall 2010

Paige Johnston (Dual ’11) Motherwell

Tang Zehui (MAAAP ‘10) Exhibition Printing Costs

Prior Years

Fang-Tze (MAAAP ’10)

Beth Capper (’10)

Tang Zehui (MAAAP ’10)

Dorota Biczel Nelson (Dual ’10)

Ania Marie Szremski

Steven Lawrence Bridges (Dual ’09)

Hannah Swartz (MAAAP ’09)

Abigail Satinsky (Dual ’09)

Chiara Bernasconi (’07)

Kerry Schneider (MAAAP ’07)

Bevin Ross (MAAAP ’07)