Jack’s work brings together the lightest and darkest sides of human nature. The objects, both desirable and violent, attract viewers while threatening them. He has interned at Bernhard Wilhelm in Los Angeles.


Title: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions


Collection Inspiration   |   Artist Statement

Time has caused the wounds of history to fester, rather than heal. European supremacy through the imperial era and neocolonial economic practices shaped the flow of wealth and its absence. This collection draws from the icons of colonialism, and the military-industrial powers they have become. I am inspired by people. I am interested in human history and its effect on the contemporary psyche, behavior and body. Objects in the world, social norms and individuals’ thoughts are rooted in the ultra-dense neural network of life on earth. Through that network, I seek to link moments of action, material, shape, and gesture, creating a path through which the viewer can examine the present moment. I use known iconography to make new connections. Carefully co-locating these icons asks the viewer to consider why they are presented and how they are related.

Designer Jack Alexander | Photo Marc Moran | Chase McNichols, Factor|Chosen Model Management

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