Concept |  I always get excited when I see someone is dancing and I just can’t help dancing with them. Imagining that you are dancing accompanied by a piece of music, like a breeze, like a tree that sways in the wind; you naturally cut through the space like a flowing stream. Nowadays people do not really have their own time and space; in this collection, I imagine a dancer forming a world with her own body. From this world, I not only can see the present moment, but also see the previous changes in experience, and imagine the future. I used circle shape to start draping the shape, and layers of contrast fabrics such as silk and nylon to create sound and visual difference. These garments are like a moving space that your body feels free to moving around and they are our body’s second shell and I can see myself in this space.


Bio | Qingqing Cao was born and raised in Qingdao, a coastal city in China. Her aesthetics are influence by a sense of constant flux she experiences shifting between Chinese and Western sensibilities. She is inspired by the every thing interacts with and experiences in everyday life. She not only uses her eyes to record her experiences, but also use a sensation such of touch, and smell, and sound to explore the world. Qingqing believes that aesthetics is feeling with the senses. Essential is the feeling of touch, texture and weight when one puts a garment on. She uses knitting, pattern making and fabric manipulations to create garments that are lively, energetic and free. She has been awarded Swarovski Sponsorship and has interned with Chikimiki.

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