Alex McDermott

1st Year Sophomore Design & Construction

There is something so inherently punk about being a freak, a body that has not always followed a path of least resistance. I defined what punk looks like today through the lens of my volatile and abnormal nervous system. The personification of these ideas came to fruition through the use of specific manipulations such as smocking, the submergence of specific areas in liquid rubber, as well as nerve-like cording that present throughout the garment. Vulnerability inherently creates power; through pain and struggle, clarity is born. In this collection, I dive deeper into ways that I was subconsciously lead into the realm of punk. As a way of further informing and elaborating on my own experience, I dove into the lives of some of the most infamous punk figures who also struggled with disability, specifically Ian Curtis and Johnny Rotten. Understanding how they used their unique perspective to empower and separate themselves from the rest, as well learn from and hone in on their ability to use their indigestibility to their artistic advantage has always been a large area of inspiration. Fashion has become a tool that I employ to fight against the constraints that my own body inflicts against me. Through this process of bringing the outside in, I hope to break free from my shame and continue the process of healing and finding purpose through informing others and sharing my perspective.