Bridget Barone

1st Year Sophomore Design & Construction

The Realm of Bee exists somewhere in ‘between’. A world which plays with the middle ground, a space housing discomfort, empowerment, fluidity and play. I began with my curiosity for the bow. Through reshaping and redefining this traditional symbol of femininity, paired with a detached looseness from elements like hand stitching, illustration, volume and softness from the muted color tones, I am defining the ‘between’, creating a world which is overwhelmingly true to my identity. Through my design and making process I utilize my illustration practice, where I play with non-anthropoidal characters that set a tone for my designs to exist. My garment utilizes a playful absurdity which clashes with more traditional gendered dress, such as the femininity of the skirt and masculine connotations of broad shoulders. I instead divert to overemphasizing these areas of intersection, pushing the ‘between’ and giving space for my hand to show through.