Eliana Batsakis

Final Year Senior Design & Construction
Accessory Design
Virtual Flat to Form

Wham! Pow! Zap! The sky opens up without warning. The women of The Weathering are on the loose once more! Their airborne destruction unleashed on those below. Heatwaves, pelting snow, thunderous storms, and lightning bolts! Oh my! Why are women only included in history when they are “misbehaving” or “causing a storm”? The Weathering unites women with destructive elements of weather to empower and celebrate the history of feminism. Often seen as violent and out of control, feminists have long been viewed as their own special “storm.” Embracing this idea, The Weathering represents a new wave of feminism through the strikingly similar tropes of feminism and severe weather. The Weathering brings attention to the questions of invisibility of women throughout history in hopes to inspire a new “storm” in the next generation of feminists.