Ellie Tie

2nd Year Junior Design & Construction
Advanced Costume Design Film & TV

My name is Ellie Tie. I am a junior in the Fashion Core Program at SAIC. Garments are so close to the daily life of everyone, and being able to express my idea, to have a voice and to show my aesthetics in designing garments is exciting to me. My sophomore project last year won the Fashion Council Award at SAIC. The junior project this year explores the merging of different individuality of each member in my family reflecting on the wardrobe, and what the overall impression of my family will give to others. I am also interested in costume design and film. I feel very powerful to create characters by dressing them and seeing fictional characters come to life with my imagination of what they would wear. I enjoy similar things in fashion design and costume design, which is to express narratives, thoughts and aesthetics on the human body.