Elsa Shao

Final Year Senior Design & Construction

My collection embodies the different phases of a women’s life, and I gathered some key features from women’s childhood, adolescence, middle age, and old age. Form observing these materials, I found the intersectionality among the phases. Specifically, some girls have the fantasy of getting married, of being a mother by wearing their parents’ uniforms. Adolescences want their period to come at a certain age, which embodies the physical maturity. However, when it comes to the middle age, women usually get tired of the marriage, their jobs, parenting what were used to be the fantasies in their childhood. as far as the menstruation, it gives women pain, and in some culture, periods have long been a taboo and considered impure.
Menstruation and some specific types of garment for certain ages are the key elements that I employed in this collection. By blending the elements together, I want to show the tension in women’s life, their happiness, desire, courage, and fear.