Faviola Anaya Esquivel

Final Year Senior Design & Construction

I am a Chicanx artist, who was born and raised in Chicago. I commute from my childhood home to the SAIC studios everyday of my college career. I am a multidisciplinary artist in the way that I integrate my sculpture and fibers practice into my fashion design work. I bring my garments to life through utilizing lots of colors, textures, prints, and materials which I do myself by screen printing, tufting, beading, and my newest love, quilting. As most artists do, I utilize my work to amplify my thoughts and ideas, which usually revolve around themes of my Mexican American identity, childhood, and nostalgia. While developing these concepts I try to be as resourceful and environmentally friendly as I can, by repurposing old blankets, bed sheets, and discarded fabrics that I find in my childhood home. I am currently on my way to building my own brand called ‘favilinda’.