Goldie Schmiedeler

Objects/Artifacts/No Nonsense

“Joy” reads the fading font tattooed on my hairline. I have had this tattoo lasered several times, the ink fading gradually over months in between sessions. The tattoo presents a process and is comparable to my own trans body; its status is ambiguous, the shape changing over time and requiring updated language. I am looking at the mark-making of my botched tattoo to create line and gesture on objects. Such objects deal with permanence and gender, considering that Joy was a middle name given to me at birth, being my great grandma’s namesake. “Joy” is a vehicle that brings skin and body into an exploratory collection of objects. This is a development of visual language through material tests. It is chewing over the feminine names I inherited, being a trans boy. It reconciles my botched tattoo through iterations I think of as playful.