Laura Arieli

Spatial Habitats

My name is Laura Arieli and has received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts specializing in fashion design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Previously, I have studied general education and elective classes at Oakton Community College. These classes have allowed me to study a wider range of no-art related topics to become more well rounded and knowledgeable in my field.
Although not taking the traditional art path and working full time while going to school, I am strongly passionate about producing fashion designs, styling, and making these designs come to life. My designs are mostly dark, featuring a pop of color using beads or fabric manipulations. Some may say that they might categorize as post-apocalyptic/ goth. These designs are fueled by the unknown of one’s dark passion and emotion, creating contrasts between hard and soft edges, bright and dark colors, and form fitting to loose silhouettes. Numerous seam lines are often presented with my designs to represent the different struggles of life one goes through such as happiness, hardship, and pain. The pattern pieces individually are fragmented, non logical, but once sewn together as a whole it becomes a garment that is strong, beautiful and full of wisdom, just like how people become from their individual life experiences.