Graduate Fashion Studio

Marina Chen, Chinese artist, fashion designer, collage artist.She studied in SAIC since 2018. And she earned a Post-Baccalaureate certificate in Fashion, Body and Garment and currently completed her MDes in SAIC.

Marina’s artwork has been dedicated to exploring human emotional struggle, trauma, and human rights. Her artworks are long-term and uninterrupted self-exploration world exploration, emotional outlets, artistic revolt, and spiritual practice.

“Mania” is Marina’s reaction and counterattack to the recently heartbreaking violent incidents against people of color. Being a member of people with color skin and Marina have experienced discrimination several times. She has been through physically and mentally hurting self-doubting devalued phases. She appeals to people that we must resist and fight back any form of discrimination that is unacceptable. Moreover, there is no priority ethnic group. She believes in human equality. She speaks for all humankind’s rights. All lives matter in her eyes.