Michela Colognese

Objects/Artifacts/No Nonsense

As I moved from my rural setting in Rhode Island to start school at the Art Institute of Chicago my new urban environment revealed exciting new contrasting shapes, textures and constant movement by way of both human and architectural dynamics. This repetition and cacophony of muted and vivid colors and concrete forms inspires me with visually interwoven textures in my garments. The surrounding patterns and constant movement extracted from the modern city infuse my work with a new kind of imperfectness.
My work investigates this confusion and chaos of the urban world, while still encapsulating the beauty and intricacies of nature. Through the process of layering and overlapping textures and colors, I work intuitively; my environment has emboldened me not to fear changes or accidents that may occur throughout the process but to embrace them.

My aim is to explore the idea of taking excess space away from my viewer by minimizing traditional techniques of perspective and nature and introducing movement and new unconventional patterns.