Rever Li

2nd Year Junior Design & Construction

The concept of this project is “to escape from the real world”. The inspiration of the concept is my personal experience in these days. Cause of the COVID, I think this is a really different time for most people. We broke away from our familiar way of life and encountered some problems. I know of course there are people who try to overcome these problems and obstacles with a positive attitude. They choose to embrace the world in an energetic way.
However, I’m not that kind of person. The best way for me to get out of the trouble is to escape from the real world. I hope something can replace me to solve the problems in the real world. I wanna be protected. I wanna be replaced. I wanna escape and live in the dreams.
And then I had a dream. There is a creature who agree to help me to escape. It would protect me, also control me. It would face the world for me. That sounds great. I don’t care if it will replace me not only the bad things but also the happiness.
The best way is to let it live inside of me, the chain is the connection. Then I can escape.