Shijie He

Shaping of the Female Form / Next to Skin
Introduction to Fashion, Body, and Garments

My name is Shijie He, a sophomore transfer student at the SAIC. First six images are my collection called Null, inspired by the incident of Hong Kong’s Extradition Bill in 2019. N95 Dress is made up of more than fifty N95 masks; the installation-like accessory on model’s shoulder is consist of PVC materials and umbrella stands. Umbrella Stand Shawl is also made up of PVC materials and umbrella stands, which is inspired by injured people holding umbrella in the protests. Mask Printed Dress is made up of enlarged makes printed fabrics and non-wovens. Image 7,8 and 9 are inspired by the movie Her, I tried to express the heart breaking feelings people have in their relationship, using elements such as electrocardiogram and women silhouettes. Image 10 is a Pleated Layer Dress made up of muslin and acrylic paints inspired by my bonds with my grandma.