Tara Froehlich

Final Year Senior Design & Construction
Advanced Costume Design Film & TV

In the 1890’s, a soda company opened its doors in the small town of Torque Grove. They introduced their soda called tor-Q and it was an instant success. They got to work expanding the production line, but during construction a tank was damaged, and unfiltered tor-Q made its way to the town’s reservoir. The tainted water slowly mutated the townsfolk. They were initially angry at the soda company for changing their molecular structure but they learned to live with it.

As time passed, tor-Q became one of the world’s top soda brands, and the people of Torque Grove continued to mutate. To show this progression, each of the eight garments represents a specific decade from the 1890’s to present day. In them you can see the individual character of who wore it, as well as how their clothes adapted to their further mutating bodies.