Tiffany “Moon” Marie

Shape & Theory
3D Embellishment
Hand Knitwear / Machine Knitwear

Tiffany “Moon” Marie is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus in fashion and fibers. Her practice engages with using material as a way to create narrative, build worlds and express her emotions. Most of her garment work is intuitive and usually creates or deepens its meaning as the process of making goes on. Through Moon’s body of work, she engages with concepts of her own queerness, magic, healing, the inner child, and fantasy.
With experimentation at the core of my process, the through-line between all of my work is an ethereal essence intertwined with escapism and the fantastical. Now, with the state of the world during the pandemic, the art I create has become more and more integrated into my healing process more than it has in the past. Conversations with my inner child started engage. Through the dense fog of time and trauma, I remembered how she saw the world. How I imagined different stories and worlds, and the magic that ran through everything. Making art the past year has been all about rebuilding that bond with my inner peace and childhood magic. Through creating objects and garments, I’ve made little moments of comfort within myself and vice versa.
This body of work from my 3D Embellishment class this Spring interacts with these concepts heavily. The process of making these garments and accessories has been so fun and therapeutic. Documented by me and my best friend in my home, I wanted to showcase the energy and vision I had for these pieces I envisioned a fairy, that wears pink flowers and a long wispy cape who spends her time dancing in the woods with her other fae friends.
Special thanks to Ra Dahan for helping me with documentation<3