Zixin Zhang is a painter, sculptor, and filmmaker. She believes artists should have keen eyes in order to reveal the truth of life. Her idea of artistic achievement is to be a visual magician with her particular aesthetic perspective and to represent the world in a unique way which most people would neglect. She hopes to combine her aesthetic practice in painting and sculpture with the process of filmmaking. Constantly impelling herself to enhance her artistic techniques, she aims to achieve her dream of becoming a professional artist and filmmaker. She has always believed that art will lead her to somewhere unconstrained and unspoiled where the power of visual expression can be used to communicate universally.

Documentary of North Dakota Pipeline, 2017, Digital Image
Bubbles, 2016, Painting on canvas
Wanderers, 2017, Animation
Untitled, 2017, Installation
Foundry, 2017, Sculpture
Time Gaps, 2016, Digital film
Futura, 2017, Animation
Super Bowl Commercials Remix 2016, 2016, Digital film
Demo Reel, 2018, Digital film
Bloody Glove Box, 2018, Digital film